Oxoya enables to communicate with the dishwasher with the mobile application. It enables you to control the dishwasher via your mobile phone and gives feedback notices on your phone for any kind of warning. Error messages (child lock not set,lid is open, no washing water etc.), statistical information (annual washing count,used water amount, saved water amount etc.), cleaning and maintenance (descaling,filter cleaning etc.) are just some of these notices.

Customized Settings
You can customise your dishwasher’s programs by using smart phone applications tochoose among different cleaning mods.

Machine Cleaning Reminder
The mobile application reminds you to clean your dishwasher every 30 washing process.

Trouble Shooter
If you are experiencing an issue with your dishwasher, you can use the self diagnose feature of the Oxoya mobile application. The application will offer you an easy solution and will make suggestion saccording to the possible procedures.

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