New Generation Nature Friendly Dishwasher

We want to produce the least water consuming dishwasher! The researches indicate that; approximately the half of the world population until 2025, and %75 of it when we come to 2050, will face big problems reaching clean water resources because of reasons like climate changes, unconscious consumption and serious increase of the world population..

Our main goal is to develop a machine washing the dishes with only 2 litres of water. This means water saving up to %60. Expanding this ratio worldwide means 35 billion litres of water saving. The amount that aforementioned is equal to annual potable water need of a 48 millon population. Our other prior goal is to reutilize the waste water after every washing process. This will be an invaluable technology that our world needs


Oxoya gives an elegant and modern view to your kitchen with its plain and graceful design. With its ever accommodable and innovative design, your dishwasher will complete your home and office kitchen looks.
Portable Design

Having small dimensions and being movable independent of the plumbing enables you to use OXOYA anywhere you want.

Smart Design

Aiming for easy use the graceful design enables placing dishes effortlessly.

Micro LED screen

Easy to read LED controls gives modern and elegant look.



Research shows that coronavirus becomes inactive at temperatures over 56C. Washing dishes with %100 steam power Oxoya exterminates viruses and bacteria.

In addition to flawless cleaning offered by the steam technology Oxoya aims to meet the ever increasing and reshaping demands of the consumers regarding hygene. You can securely have the hygene you need for your dishes either at the Office or at home with Oxoya’s steam powered washing technology.

Oxoya dishwasher with its approximately 100C steam power destroys %99 of the common household bacteria and enveloped viruses like coronavirus and influenza.


  • Oxoya does not need clean and waste water plumbing thanks to its water tank technology. It carries out these processes by the 2 water tanks it has on its back. The first tank is for clean water and the second tank is to store waste water.

    No need for plumbing connection gives portability to OXOYA. This feature enables you to wash your dishes anywhere with electricity, even on your balcony or in your living room..

    You can take Oxoya to your summer house, or put on your caravan while travelling or take anywhere you want; and you can use it at your workplace, office, and anywhere that you need to wash your dishes quickly and efficiently. Being able to work on desktops saves space at small kitchens or student houses. It does not need to connect to any plumbing, to start using you just have to put it out of its box. And also you won’t need an installment service.


Developed for the needs for both the mother and the baby, this dishwasher offers the ideal washing process for your baby. Efficient and easy sterilization is the most important aspect of this machine. It ensures sterilization of all the products which the baby contacts with and stores the products sterilized until the machine cover opens.

Steam sterilization; destroys the germs with the high temperature water and steam sterilization power without any need for chemicals. It does not leave any scent or flavor on the sterilized products and it doesn’t require rinsing.

Sterilization is one of the primary factors of infant care. First 12 months, the infant immune system is pretty weak. Proper sterilization of the products used daily for the infant care will mostly prevent stomach ache, digestive disorders and oral spreading diseases.

Compact Mini Dishwasher

With its technology that will transform your lifestyle, the compact mini dishwasher makes your daily life easier and inspires a new lifestyle. Enjoy the future now with the Oxoya dishwasher.

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